TritoFlex Roof Restoration System for San Antonio

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There are 100's if not 1000's of products to choose from. To learn a little bit more about our TritoFlex roof restoration system; it is essentially a fluid applied seamless instant setting membrane, with properties that add value to existing roofs, such as:

  •  1900% elongation and extreme flexibility
  •  Excellent Puncture Resistance
  •  High Durability
  •  Severe Hail Resistance
  •  Factory Mutual Class-A Fire Rating

A no VOC cold fluid applied liquid rubber system that is spray applied directly to the existing roofing membrane. With no smell and limited equipment, TritoFlex is a non destructive system. Its unique instant setting characteristics, allow us to spray apply in any thickness in one pass.

Once fully cured, TritoFlex becomes an extremely durable elastic rubber membrane warranted to include baseball size hail. It remains impermeable and even more importantly once it is stretched is has a 98% rate of recovery, meaning the membrane will remain in tact allowing it to remain watertight for years to come.

After the TritoFlex Application is cured, applicators install TritoTherm a ceramic and glass encapsulate acrylic coating which allows for future re-coats should they be necessary.

TritoFlex is Instantly Water Resistant and able to withstand ponding water indefinitely.

  •  Industry leading adhesion ratings to almost any sub straight with no primer
  •  Our installations are non-destructive and green, with no odor or harmful VOC's
  •  No Noise, No Intrusions, No Tear-offs and No waste

The heat dissipating TritoTherm topcoat reduces energy consumption and premature degradation through the innovative and unique ceramic nanotechnology.

This innovative material was developed to benefit building owners with flat and low sloped roofs in need of an alternative solution. TritoFlex is now a greatly sought after solution not only for roofs but much more. Don't Hesistate to Call (210) 663-0464 or Message us Anytime Message Us with any question you may have about how TritoFlex can Benefit your Roof.

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