TPO Vs. EPDM: Which Single Ply Roofing Material Is Best?

Both single ply roofing systems, TPO and EPDM, are great commercial roof options. Choosing between the two is going to vary based on what you are looking for in a roof. So in TPO vs. EPDM, which one would work for you? Below are characteristics of both that might help you determine which roof is right for you.


TPO Vs. EPDM: Which Single Ply Roofing Material Is Best?

In TPO Vs. EPDM, Which Single Ply Roof Is Best? Read More To Find Out!

EPDM roofing has been around longer than TPO roofing, so in regards to TPO roofs, they are still trying to determine how long they can last. EPDM, on the other hand, lasts up to thirty or fifty years if properly maintained. Another thing to look at is the material. EPDM is made from synthetic rubber and TPO is made from polyolefins.


This is an important factor in the TPO vs. EPDM roofing debate. Because EPDM roofing lasts for thirty to fifty years, you can consider it an eco-friendly roofing system. TPO’s material, polyolefins, is recyclable, so it’s also eco-friendly.

Energy Efficient

In addition to TPO and EPDM being made from different materials, they come in different colors. EPDM has a black material and TPO is a white material. Because San Antonio can get very hot, TPO seems like a good choice because the white material reflects the sun instead of absorbing it like black roofs do. However, TPO roofing shrinks it’s exposed to too much heat.

Again, depending on what type of building you have, what type of work you do, and other factors will depend on whether a TPO or EPDM roof is the best roof for you.  At Great Built Roofing & Construction, if you want more information about a TPO or EPDM roof in San Antonio, TX, call us at __PHONE__.