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How to Analyze and Go through a Roofing Insurance Claim

After an Insurance adjuster arrives at your home to determine that you need to replace your roof or gutters, they will print off a statement usually on the spot, even sometimes a check right away depending on the circumstances and policies with your insurance agency. That statement of loss will itemize square feet of roofing, a complete evaluation of what they are replacing, be it gutters, or skylight replacement. They will then assign a dollar amount on the damage. If the claim is around $10,000 and you have a $500 deductible, they will even usually hold back about 20-30% or $2,000 for deprecation unless it is a full replacement value in which they may not without the depreciation. That often depends on how old the roof is, meaning if the damage occurred on a roof that is 2 or 3 years old and it is not a full roof replacement you could expect a withholding. But if the roof is 25 years old and they deem that an entire roof replacement is necessary, then there should not be a depreciation withholding.

One of the things that we encounter with our customers is that the insurance adjusters tell them not to show their claim summary to their contractor almost as if it is a poker game and need to withhold their cards and not share their information with their contractor, however once they type up their claim summary and provide it to the insured they actually include a statement on every claim summary saying "...please show this to your contractor".

The Insurance adjuster might typically indicate that you need to show us the claim summary.  They might indicate in writing things like, 

“…before starting the repairs applying to the dwelling and other structures on the claim, please show our estimate to your contractor. If your contractors' estimate exceeds the amount in the insurance estimate, please contact us prior to beginning the work.”

It becomes quite clear that most insurance companies want you to provide the roofing contractor your insurance claim forms. This is precisely how we can help you in storm damage areas, operate within your budget and provide the most cost effective materials. We represent you on behalf of the insurance company, we ensure that you get the best labor, materials and repairs. Contractors that have been in the business long enough simply have more experience than insurance adjusters, when it comes to assessing damage.

The Difference in the Roof Bidding Process

Roofing has become synonymous with insurance, these days there is the expectation both through habits of the insurance companies and that of consumers that if roofing work is going to get done, it's going to get done through an insurance claim.

The bidding process is different. First of of all the insurance company is going to be setting the price, and we have to do our due diligence to determine if that price is fair or at market rate. That can be done through utilizing a consultant or through a trusted contractor that will work on your behalf.

There is no longer a need to get multiple bids, that being said you still want to vet your contractors and looking at multiple contractors is appropriate, but actually basing your decision on price is no longer relevant, it's because the insurance claim is going to set the price themselves.

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