Home Siding for San Antonio

Home Siding

Common siding options include wood, composite, and vinyl. Vinyl siding is a very prominent item that's being used on new home construction. It comes in a wide range of colors and is relatively inexpensive. The next category would be composite. Cement board is a cementuous material and can also be pre-ordered in various colors, as well as the engineered wood product. It looks a lot like OSB on the outside but has various properties that will help prolong it from termites and outdoor exposure. The third area would be steel siding. It looks very similar to your vinyl selections, but made with a different material.

When selecting your exterior siding, you can compliment either the vinyl, the composite, or the steel that you're using for the majority of the home with stone and that stone can come in a variety of textures, as well as colors to help with the curb appeal. There are also real wood selections that can be incorporated into your project, as well as stucco.

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