Hail Damage Roof Repairs for San Antonio

Marked Hail Damage On Roof

In order to get a sample portion of the elevation, it's common practice for roofing contractors as well as insurance adjustors to mark out a test square. This is a 100 square foot area that the inspector will focus on in order to get an idea of the damage throughout the entire roofing surface.

Insurance companies range in their requirements for totaling the roof, but most look for between 6 to 12 bruises per square. The criteria depends on when the cost to repair the amount of shingles damaged per square is greater than the cost to tear up and replace all of the roofing shingles.

Hail stones a quarter size and larger cause bruising and fracturing of the shingle substrate (called the mat). The hail impacts the shingle, degranulating the precious roof's coating and exposes the asphalt-coated fiberglass to the elements. This causes a much faster degradation of the shingle voids your current shingle warranty.

The inspector will work back and forth within the test square checking for hail hits. Since hail falls in random patterns, the test square should exhibit random and different sized bruises. If excessive damage is found in one part of the test square more so than others, the inspector must examine that portion further to ensure the damaged shingles are consistent with hail damage criteria. Next, the inspector will count all of the hail hits, ensuring all meet industry standards for hail damage. He will mark the elevation calling up the direction to which the slope faces and notate the lowest number of substantial hits found within that test square.

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