Flat Roof Leak Detection Surveys for San Antonio

FLIR Infrared Camera for Roof Leak Detection Surveys

One of the tools we use to look for leaks in flat roofs is an infrared camera. We provide infrared inspections on flat roofs. And when it comes to searching for leaks in resurfaced roofs, we have to look for areas of what insulation to cut out and then put dry insulation in. We like to use an Infrared Camera called FLIR. Back in the day when looking for roofing leaks we either had to do so visually which we looked for the leak in the inside and then we looked for cracks in the roofs from atop, looking for water getting in or we also felt it with out feet or felt for soft or spongy insulation. However it doesn't show you all the leaks within a flat roof. With Infrared Cameras the water cannot hide from us.

The I-60 infrared camera has a screen to show temperature differences only. We take the infrared camera around the roof and look for water leakage. One of the things about the infrared guns is that the Roof scans must be done at night and the optimal times is between Midnight to 4 am.

The reason why we have to do the roof scans at night; because during the day the roof temperature with the sun on it is very uniform. And you don't see any real roof temperature differences. The roof stays at a certain heat because the sun is heating it up at a specific constant.

The dry areas of the roof, the places with dry insulation release that heat very quickly but the wet areas release it very slowly because wet insulation holds heat longer than dry insulation. Scanning at night allows us to look for major temperature differences after the roof has released its heat. We are looking for hot spots which are the wet spots and the wet spots must be repaired.

Traditional roof inspections can be done faster and more safely using infrared technology, and an infrared camera can be used to identify problems like damaged roofs and flashings, blocked gutters, cracks in your chimney, standing water and missing insulation.

An Infrared Camera is also very accurate in picking up on the slightest temperature abnormalities. It detects energy or heat and translates that into an electronic signal which is then processed into an image. Heat can be very precisely measured by an infrared camera, which greatly assists in the evaluation of the roofs' problems. If you need a Flat Roof Leak Detection Survey & Inspection, we are the best and most efficient in the Biz. Don't Hesistate to Call (210) 663-0464 or Message us Anytime Message Us.

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