Roofing Contractor in Kerrville, TX

There is evidence to suggest that humans have dwelled in the area known today as Kerrville, TX since as far back as 10,000 years ago. The early modern inhabitants of the region were successful shingle makers, and in the late 1840’s this region became a central hub thanks to this mercantile business. Serving the upper and middle Hill Country area, mercantilism and shingle making have become embedded in the heritage of this region.

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A History of Shingles

Joshua D Brown was one of the earliest shingle makers in asphalt shinglesthe area. Along with his family, Joshua led several others through an expedition of the Guadalupe Valley, helping to organize these early pioneer settlements located near a bluff slightly north of the Guadalupe River. Here, Brown and his fellow pioneers worked hard to develop one of the first Cypress shingle camps in the area.

After developing the camp for a short while, Apache attacks drove them from the area, but it would not be long before they returned to ensure the prosperity of their industries. The settlement was known originally as Brownsborough but was renamed Kerrville after the area was established formally in 1856 by James Kerr, who was a major in the Texas Revolution.

A Variety of Roofing Services

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