The Features and Benefits of Silicone White Roof Coating

Before and After Comparison for Silicone White Roof Coating

Why replace your roof when you can restore it? Silicone white roof coating is an alternative to re-roofing in many cases. Instead of tearing off your roof and contributing to landfills, save time and money by coating your existing roof with a proven and reliable coating that is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Silicone white roof coating is the best white roof coating solution when you want to save on energy cost while also gaining permanent ponding water resistance with a long lasting waterproof seal. Silicone white roof coating is an energy star certified cool roof coating. It can help minimize air conditioning requirements in your building and help reduce energy bills.

Many traditional acrylic elastomeric coatings can discolor or crack when exposed to ultraviolet rays. Silicone white roof coating provides an inorganic, high solid elastomeric roof coating that will not degrade or crack even under the most extreme ultraviolet attack.

When ponding water is present on roof surfaces for a period of 48 hours or longer, acrylic roof coating can begin to re-emulsify adhesion. Silicone white roof coating cures with the reaction of moisture in the air, and cannot re-emulsify due to exposure with ponding water. It is a non-water-based, solvent free high solid 100% roof coating and, as such, when ponding water is present adhesion to the roof sub-straight is not affected. It may be applied on many different commercial or residential roof sub-straights, however, it works particularly well on low slope roofs.

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