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We are here to provide options. The roofing industry for the most part has a very slim window of options. You are either going to tear the roof off more often than not if the roof has experienced failure or after probably years of repair, you might try to recover it as another option. Now, if it is a candidate, you can have roof coatings as an option not just as a protectant but also as an actual roofing system.

The real candidates we are seeing these days for re-coating are 25-30 years ago when there was a revolution in the roof industry; there were a lot more single plys and closed cell installations. These are the roofs at the end of their service lives and are now becoming candidates to be coated. In this particular roofing system, the existing conditions were a single ply or white sheet over the top of a closed cell installation with extremely positive good drainage.

To determine the condition of a roof, we do core samples and, when necessary, thermo-scans. We are very concerned about any kind of moisture or condensation in the system, so what the core samples are going to tell us is if there is moisture in it or is the saturation level to the point that we don't feel that it is going to be coatable, because that saturation or moisture will ultimately find its way through the membrane and affect the coating. Therefore, it being dry is paramount to the success of the coating application. The positive drainage and the condition of the membrane determines whether we can be successful in applying standard roofing coatings.

As far as it goes for the successful roof coating application, there are 2 main factors, the first one being a quality product that will hold up through the years. Secondly, you have to have a proper application, which is why we work through the network of approved, certified applicators that are not only first in coatings but know best roofing practices in general as well. It's a combination of quality products and quality installation.

Once we determine that your roof is a good candidate for restoration, we then need to clean your roof by using a series of high pressure washes along with biodegradable detergents. We also use surface cleaners and, in certain cases, industrial floor scrubbers along with the detergent to soften the dirt and pressure wash the roof clean. This will ensure proper adhesion so that the whole system will work perfectly.

The next step is the installation of the primer after cleaning the roof. We then have to come back and apply a 2-part water basing epoxy primer to the entire surface, creating a surface profile to enhance adhesion to the finished material. Don't Hesistate to Call (210) 663-0464 or Message us Anytime Message Us.

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