Vent and Pipe Boot Installation

pipe and vent rubber bootWhen your roof is leaking it can leave you feeling stressed and worried about the costs required to repair the leak. The good new is that many leaks are simply caused by a deteriorated rubber pipe boot.¬†Great Built Roofing and Construction can provide you with vent and pipe boot installation in San Antonio, TX. We are adept at handling all roofing leaks and frequently we can help homeowners with this simple leak repair in no time at all! There’s no need to fret! Simply pick up your phone and give us a call at (210) 663-0464. We’ll be sure to help save your home from significant water damages.

On your home there are plumbing vent pipes that stick up out of your roof. These must be sealed in order to keep rain and other debris from entering your home. Quite often these pipes and vents are sealed using a rubber pipe boot. These rubber pipe boots are effective at ensuring water is prevented from entering your home. However, over time they deteriorate due to exposure to the sun, hot temperatures, and storms. Once they start to age they will often crack and leave large and small gaps where water can seep into your home.

When to replace your rubber boot

Unfortunately, rubber boots will rarely last for the lifetime of your roof. Roof shingles, for example, will likely last for upwards of 30 years. But rubber boots will begin to crack and crumble in 3-5 years. If you have not had your rubber vent and pipe boots inspected recently, give our team a call.

Not only is time a good indicator that you should replace the rubber boots on your roof, you may also notice other signs. Water damage to your ceilings, drywall, and interior walls is a strong indicator of a leak on your roof.

Be sure to contact Great Built Roofing and Construction today to learn more about vent and pipe boot installation in San Antonio, TX. We are the company to look to for saving your roofing system.