How Gusty Winds Can Endanger Your Roof

Wind Blowing TreesWhen you realize a storm is starting to roll in, what first comes to mind? Do you envision bursts of lightning, a barrage of hail, pounding rain, or blinding snow? All of these can create treacherous conditions, but strong winds are a factor in all types of storms and can easily be the most damaging component. To help you anticipate wind damage and prepare your roof to weather whatever a storm may bring, we discuss the basics of wind damage here.

Wind Induced Roof Damage

As wind gusts over a surface, it does not flow evenly. The areas that receive the initial impact of the wind, near the perimeter, are subject to higher pressure and are typically the first to sustain damage. The center of a roof is subject to lower wind pressure after the edges of the roof absorb the initial impact. This is why damage is often first created near the edges of the roof.

Wind damage takes root by forcing enough pressure down on the roof material to lift it up. The lifted material creates room for wind to blow in underneath and peel it away. Wind damage is best combated by having your roof regularly inspected by a roofing professional and also by having an inspection after strong storms.

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