Hidden Dangers of Wind Damage

Wind Damage

Though Obvious in Itself, Debris Can Also Leave Behind Hidden Damage.

After a major storm, damages from hail or excessive rainfall can appear obvious. Hail leaves clear indentations and darkened marks on a roof, while heavy rainfall can lead to leaks and flooding. Wind damage, however, can be harder to spot. This hidden nature of some wind damage makes it even more insidious, as homeowners may not contract the right repairs. This provides a primary reason for the importance of professional inspection. An expert who reviews your roof may identify any of the following.


Debris represents a major danger to your roof. Many homeowners think that the simple removal of fallen limbs and other debris alleviates the harm. In reality, the debris may have already rendered damage that needs immediate repair.

Cracked Shingles

Most people pay attention to missing shingles as a sign for repair. Aside from the removal of shingles, wind can bend and crack them to leave your roof vulnerable to water. Any spot where a shingle has become bent becomes a threat for further damage. Because of this, bent and cracked shingles warrant the same response as those outright missing.

Unsealed Shingles

Strong winds that get beneath shingles can also unseal them. This creates the same effect as cracked or missing shingles, as it provides a point of entry for water. This type of damage becomes difficult to spot, however, and generally requires a professional inspection to identify.

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