Torch Down Roofing Installation San Antonio, TX

Torch Down Roofing Installation San Antonio, TX

For many commercial building owners in San Antonio, TX, the ability to take severe weather is important for their roof. Torch down roofing is a highly durable roofing style that is guaranteed to protect your roof from damaging storms. At Great Built Roofing and Construction, our roofers install this system with precise workmanship, ensuring you get the best roof for your commercial building. We are always offer free inspections and estimates, working with your needs and budget. Give us a call today at (210) 663-0464 to get started on your commercial torch down roofing in San Antonio, TX.

Your Local Torch Down Roofing Pros

Torch down roofing is a very solid roofing material that offers great advantages to the buildings that have it. This system is melted to your building’s roof, giving it a water tight seal and keeping leaks at bay. The more layers it has, the more fire resistant it is, preventing fire worries and even reflecting UV rays to keep your commercial building cool. After installation, torch down roofing has no noxious fumes that may affect you, your clients, or the environment. Best of all, this material can last 20 years and may never need a repair. The durability of torch down materials like modified bitumen is resilient against the worst weather and it is rare that it requires maintenance.

With installation of this system, it is best to go with a licensed and experienced professional. The way torch down roofing is installed is by melting it to your building surface with a torch. There have been instances where an inexperienced roofer has attempted to install to satisfy their client. These situations usually end in disaster and damage to your roof and building. If your roofer does not plan correctly, it could also cause poor drainage and faulty installation. Great Built Roofing and Construction is your commercial roofing expert in San Antonio, TX. Our goal for each project is to maintain customer satisfaction and give you the best roofing system. We have over 35 years of experience as roofing and construction contractors. Let us get started on your new roof today! Call Great Built Roofing and Construction at (210) 663-0464 or Message us Anytime.

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