4 Signs Of Chimney Damage

Having a fireplace is great. But having one that functions optimally requires a working chimney. In fact, a working chimney is not just a luxury, its a safety measure for you and your family. If you think you might be having issues with your chimney, here are 4 things to look for:


Crown Cracks

Crown cracks can be difficult to spot because they require getting up to your roof. But if you do notice moisture, the cause might be a cracked chimney crown. The crown generally prevents harsh weather conditions from infiltrating your chimney. So if it’s broken, that defense mechanismĀ is rendered useless, leaving your home vulnerable.

Mortar Joint Damage

Like crown cracks, mortar joint damage requires a close inspection. Contact us today if you need your chimney inspected. If your mortar is damaged, it could be a dangerous situation. The masonry will be exposed to moisture, and your entire chimney is in danger of collapsing.

Rotting Wallpaper

If the wallpaper near your chimney looks rotted and damaged, it is probably the result of excess moisture. Moisture is one of the primary symptoms of chimney damage. Look for patterns of moisture in areas near or connected to your chimney.

Rusted Firebox

Rust is also caused from moisture. As you now know, moisture is a bad sign near your fireplace. If you notice rust on the firebox or damper, it may be a sign of chimney damage. Make sure you call a professional today to inspect your chimney.

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