3 Purposes for Your Roof Vent Pipe

Roof Vent Pipe

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Have you ever wondered about the pipe sticking out of the roof of your home? It’s actually part of your plumbing system. It provides fresh air and removes sewer gases from your home’s pipes. Typically, a roof vent pipe is sealed with a boot that prevents rainwater from seeping into the roofing system around the pipe and causing a roof leak. In order to protect your roof from water damage, it is important to keep this boot in good condition. Great Built Roofing & Construction offers services to repair or replace all styles of roof vent pipe boots.

Why Do You Need a Roof Vent Pipe

If a roof vent pipe could be a roof leak hazard, why have one at all? Here are three basic functions of roof vent pipes that make them absolutely essential to your home.

They Let Air Out of Your Pipes
This is important because water won’t be able to flow through pipes that are full of air. Without a roof vent pipe, your plumbing would be constantly backing up.

They Let Air Into the Pipes
This prevents a vacuum effect from happening inside your pipes. Again, this is what allows the water to flow through the pipes and not back up into your sink or toilet.

They Release Sewer Odors
As a roof vent pipe draws air out of the pipes, it also draws out the sewer odors. This prevents these odors from building up inside your home.

Clearly, roof vent pipes are an important part of your home. If you want to protect your home from a roof leak, call our office at (210) 663-0464 to schedule your roof vent pipe repair today.