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Here at Great Built Roofing, we take a great deal of pride in being able to provide remarkable roofing solutions for problems that our competition might turn away. Whenever a customer reaches a friendly member of our staff at (210) 663-0464, we make it our duty to patiently listen to every concern and chart a course of action that will resolve all of the roofing issues at hand. At the end of the day, it is entirely important for our clients to have a safe, strong roof over their heads. That’s why we will work as long as it takes to manifest a result that will positively impact our client’s lives. We are your local premier roofer in San Antonio, TX, and we are here to put you first.

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Our Recent Projects

Roof Repair

When was the last time you schedule a proper roof inspection? If you haven’t had a professional review the perimeter of your roof in recent memory, then now is the best time to get started on this important process. With a simple phone call to our crew at (210) 663-0464, we will set up an appointment with a valued member of our team. After they arrive at your property, they will safely scale the roof and document any evidence of roof vulnerabilities. Our number one objective is for you to have a dependable roof. To that end, we will do everything in our power to secure financial coverage from your insurance company for your roof, and set about the repairs in an efficient manner.

Are You Interested in a Commercial Roof Coating?

Are you aware of the difference between silicone and acrylic roof coatings? This question becomes especially important if you own or operate a commercial property. If you need some roof repairs and you have a flat roof, you should consult with our roofing project manager to see which coating will make all the difference for your roof restoration. When you are between roofs and need your roof to be revitalized, our roof contractor team are here to make it right. You deserve to have a roofing team that does everything the right way. When you select Great Built Roofing, you choose the best in the business.

Metal Roofing Installations that Stand the Test of Time

Are you looking for a new roof for your home or property? If you are currently unfamiliar with the benefits of a metal roof installation, you will be surprised and delighted to find all the advantages that you have to gain from investing in this roofing material. Metal roofs, properly installed, can last a lifetime. They are resilient in the face of high-speed winds, pelting rain, frost, and snow. While asphalt shingle roofs may need maintenance with frequency, metal roofs rarely need repairs on an annual basis. The smartest way to make sure your metal roof is built to last is to secure roofing professionals you can trust. We are your smart roofer in San Antonio, TX, and we are available with a quick phone call to (210) 663-0464.